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Welcome to the T3nd0s Skyrim Redone wiki

What is Skyrim Redone aka SkyRe?

In a nutshell -- a big mod for Bethesda Game Studio's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that makes many changes to core Skyrim gameplay.

With well over ten thousand endorsements from the NexusMods Skyrim community, it is arguably one of the most popular user mods for Skyrim if not the most popular of those in its size and scope.

Skyrim Redone according to mod developer T3nd0

... is a modular gameplay overhaul for TESV-Skyrim.
Its main aim is to enhance the depth of character development by giving options to you, and it does so in many ways- specialize in different types of swords and bows, harvest bones as a necromancer, disguise as a Forsworn, or blow up bandit camps with explosives... most perk trees are modified to offer a large amount of possibilities, and one even is as new as perk trees can get at this point.

On top of that, it offers many optional adjustments to ensure that the sandbox Skyrim offers scales with your new tools.
This mod is the result of 500 hours of gaming, a thousand hours of modding - done mostly by a single guy - and way more than 25.000 comments full of discussion, feedback, and the occasional troll. ;) It's among the Nexus' top 30 mods of all time, and a previous FOTM winner... while it was still an alpha version. It better not suck, right?





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